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New deer transport rule awkward

Scott Stankowski Senior Outdoor Writer September 11, 2018 Stevens Point— Those in charge of the DNR have set new regulations once again this year that are significant to many deer hunters in the state of Wisconsin. Beginning this year, a hunter may not transport a ...
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Not too late to plant food plots

Scott Stankowski Senior Outdoor Writer August 28, 2018 Stevens Point— Did you get your food plot in?  I know a few people that did and it is always a gamble. Those that got theirs in too early paid the price as their plots dried up ...
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Snapping turtle soup

Scott Stankowski Senior Outdoor Writer August 21, 2018 Stevens Point— Not many people these days target turtles.  I can honestly say that I do not mark it on my calendar, but if the opportunity arises I love to get my hands on a good snapper ...
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Versatility catches walleyes

Scott Stankowski Senior Outdoor Writer 8-14-18 Green Bay— The boys and I traveled to Green Bay recently past week to get on the popular walleye bite in the bay.  Having fished with Captain Scott Allen of Allen’s guide service several times we were ready to ...
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Do you have what it takes to be a pro angler?

Scott Stankowski Senior Outdoor Writer August 6, 2018 Green Bay— This past week, the boys finally had no sporting events or fitness programs to go to so we planned a few hard core days of fishing so they could tackle some fish off of their ...
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Bullheads still fun to catch

Scott Stankowski Senior Outdoor Writer July 19, 2018 Stevens Point—When I was a little kid my brother and I would stay overnight at my grandparents’ house and for fun they would take us out fishing. Not having a boat, their go to was taking us ...
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Bluegills Missed the Spawn

Scott Stankowski-Senior Outdoor Writer 7-5-18 Stevens Point— The weather has been consistently inconsistent this year and if you are trying to make plans on what to do and what to wear good luck.  You may as well plan for a little bit of everything from ...
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Replica mounts critical in fragile fisheries

Scott Stankowski-Senior Outdoor Writer 2-25-18 Stevens Point— Back in February the boys and I went on an epic fishing trip with Jason Woda of Reel Sensation Charters and Nathan Kaminski of Best Bite Guide Service.  Together they put us on an epic journey of world ...
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Outdoorsmen help abuse victims

Scott Stankowski Senior Outdoor Writer 6-8-18 Stevens Point— The #MeToo movement is becoming a forefront in the media and rightfully so.   More and more people are realizing that April is National Sexual Assault Awareness month. The Wisconsin Rapids ice fishing team, having just donated hours ...
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Birders paradise now

Scott ' Coach' Stankowski Senior Outdoor Writer May 3, 2018 Stevens Point— The 2018 spring season will be here today and gone tomorrow with the way the weather is going.  In looking at my phenology journal writings that I keep track of we are certainly ...
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Fishing barge fun

Scott ' Coach' Stankowski Senior Outdoor Writer April 19, 2018 Genoa, WI— I was bored one day and decided to randomly search some fish reports on Lake-Link.  I came across a report about fishing barges on the Mississippi River.  I had never heard about this ...
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Facebook groups connect outdoorsmen

Scott ' Coach' Stankowski Senior Outdoor Writer April 5, 2018 Stevens Point, WI— With the advent of technology and life, new things pop up for us all over the place.  Public forums for hunting and fishing have their place but also have their shortcomings. As ...
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Fishing team helps others with their passion

Scott Stankowski Senior Outdoor Writer March 3, 2018 Oshkosh—The 11th annual Battle On Bago took place this past weekend at Menomonee Park in Oshkosh with a record crowd.  Weather and ice conditions were the best they have been all year and the ice averaged about ...
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Arming teachers is dumb

Scott Stankowski Senior Outdoor Writer February 27, 2018 Stevens Point— I remember when I was in high school hearing of schools having a police officer at school.  It seemed strange, it did not belong.  Soon an officer became a part time fixture at many schools.  ...
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Rapids CO-OP places second at state meet

Scott ' Coach' Stankowski-Senior Outdoor Writer 2-19-18 Minocqua—  The high school ice fishing circuit known as WIFA or the Wisconsin Interscholastic Fishing Association held its annual ice fishing championship on Lake Minocqua and a portion of Lake Tomahawk this past Saturday. The Wisconsin Rapids CO-OP ...
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A quest for a beast finally seen through

Austin Stankowski Junior Outdoor Writer February 2, 2018 Milwaukee- I just had caught a 26 inch brown which by all means is a nice fish but not the fish I was after.  After only a few moments another auto went off and we were off ...
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A quest for a trophy brown trout

Austin Stankowski Junior Outdoor Writer January 25, 2018 Milwaukee- For months I had been on a quest to catch a trophy brown trout ice fishing.   It was something that soon consumed me.  I began to learn the ins and outs of it and realized it ...
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Green Bay whitefish white hot

Austin Stankowski Junior Outdoor Writer January 18, 2018 Door County- It was a very cold-early January morning, my friend Brady and I were on our way to hopefully, some of the best fishing we’ve had in a while. Guide Scott Allen of Allen’s Guide Service ...
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South Texas Chills

Scott Stankowski Senior Outdoor Writer January 4, 2018 Mission Texas— The odds were not in our favor the last week of the 2017 calendar year but we still made a go of it in South Texas for  the boys and I this past winter break ...
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Late Season Turkey Hunting Heating Up

Scott ' Coach' Stankowski Senior Outdoor Writer December 28, 2017 Stevens Point--- With the changing legislature this past fall in regards to deer hunting and tagging restrictions or lack thereof, many hunters have overlooked another addendum to the rule changes. The fall turkey season will ...
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