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  • By Michael Kommer May 1, 2019 WISCONSIN RAPIDS- After a cold, snowy, hard winter, spring has finally sprung, and with the arrival of spring means two things. Walleyes fishing and Turkey Hunting. The latter of the two had a special meaning this year as it marked the first time I would be teaching someone how to

  • CWS Sports Desk 3-11-19 Stevens Point— In 2017 the Wisconsin Interscholastic Fishing Association launched a Master’s Anglers program.  Initiated to recognize student anglers that catch quality fish throughout the year. WIFA set minimum size requirements for almost every species of fish in Wisconsin.  Anglers can catch any particular species if it meets the length requirements

  • Scott Stankowski Senior Outdoor Writer March 5, 2019 Stevens Point— Now that we are starting to get out of our own survival mode from the winter storms, we can start to think about wildlife and their well being. Wild animals are extremely resilient when it comes to survival skills.  They have the innate behaviors of

  • CWS Sports Desk February 25, 2019 Oshkosh— Giving back to the community is what makes a society strong.  Developing the attributes in young men and women is a way to develop these lifelong skills. The board of directors from Battle On Bago has made such an experience possible for several years now for high school

  • CWS Sports Desk February 17, 2019 La Crosse— The Wisconsin Rapids high school ice fishing team continued their strong presence finishing in 4th place in a field of 92 teams at the state high school ice fishing tournament held in La Crosse on pools 7 and 8 by the Wisconsin Interscholastic Fishing Association (WIFA). The

  • Scott Stankowski Senior Outdoor Writer 2-7-19 Waukesha— People like Joe Jenna should be lauded as a hero and everyone should know who he is.  Top ten plays of the week?  Please, Joe and his colleagues eat that stuff as mid-day snacks. Jenna is a special education instructor at Waukesha West High School.  Recently his boss,

  • Scott Stankowski Senior Outdoor Writer 2-1-19 Stevens Point— Anglers Beware!!!  The ice for ice fishing is not safe for vehicles on all waters. The motto that there is no such thing as safe ice certainly should be warranted this weekend especially on big water lakes. With the forecast to be into the 40s cabin fever

  • Scott Stankowski-Senior Outdoor Writer January 29, 2019 South Padre Island, Texas—Our Christmas break sent us visiting my parents in Mission Texas, about as far south as you can get in the state.  We had not decided to head to the gulf for a couple of years in our visits and wanted to see the ocean.

  • Scott Stankowski Senior Outdoor Writer January 16, 2019 Zapata Texas—We had just put the smack down on roughly 100 white bass on the famed Falcon Lake on the Rio Grande River.  The Impoundment divides Mexico from the United States.   There were no masses of terrorists or even immigrants trying to get across like our President

  • Scott Stankowski Senior Outdoor Writer January 8, 2019 Zapata Texas— As the boys grow, they gain more responsibility.  Part of being a responsible parent is teaching them how to do things.  Rinse dishes before you put them in the dishwasher for instance or having them arrange the next outdoor adventure. We were headed to Texas

  • Scott Stankowski Senior Outdoor Writer December 12, 2018 Stevens Point-Through the advent of technology we can sit in a tree stand knowing what deer live on our property.  Up until now that theory holds fairly steady as does and fawns stick tight to a core area and bucks will bachelor up for the most part. 

  • Scott Stankowski Senior Outdoor Writer November 29, 2018 Stevens Point— Do you remember that snowstorm we had in the middle of April?  I sure do, it my turkey hunt a challenge.  I had to bust out the snow camo for the first time ever for birds. There were plenty of people not happy about that

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