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South Padre party boat fishing

Scott Stankowski-Senior Outdoor Writer January 29, 2019 South Padre Island, Texas—Our Christmas break sent us visiting my parents in Mission Texas, about as far south as you can get in the state.  We had not decided to head to the gulf for a couple of years in our visits and wanted to see the ocean.… Read More »

Fishing the Border Wall Part 2

Scott Stankowski Senior Outdoor Writer January 16, 2019 Zapata Texas—We had just put the smack down on roughly 100 white bass on the famed Falcon Lake on the Rio Grande River.  The Impoundment divides Mexico from the United States.   There were no masses of terrorists or even immigrants trying to get across like our President… Read More »

Fishing the Border Wall Part 1

Scott Stankowski Senior Outdoor Writer January 8, 2019 Zapata Texas— As the boys grow, they gain more responsibility.  Part of being a responsible parent is teaching them how to do things.  Rinse dishes before you put them in the dishwasher for instance or having them arrange the next outdoor adventure. We were headed to Texas… Read More »

Gun season success

Scott Stankowski Senior Outdoor Writer November 21, 2018 Stevens Point— After having hunted the same land since I began to hunt, a change occurred.  My great uncle passed two years ago and the property got sold off to pay heirs he did not even know.  It was a disappointing state of affairs. The boys and… Read More »

McDill Pond highway update and review

Scott Stankowski Senior Outdoor Writer October 9, 2018 Stevens Point— The Highway 51 corridor project has made its way to McDill pond and for those of you driving on through you may wonder what exactly is going on. I had the privilege to talk with project development engineer Korey Boehm of the Wisconsin Department of… Read More »