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Birders paradise now

Scott ‘ Coach’ Stankowski Senior Outdoor Writer May 3, 2018 Stevens Point— The 2018 spring season will be here today and gone tomorrow with the way the weather is going.  In looking at my phenology journal writings that I keep track of we are certainly not at a ‘normal’ spring.  It will be summer before… Read More »

Mantis lessens the load

Scott Stankowski Senior Outdoor Writer August 24, 2017 Stevens Point- Preparing for deer hunting for a diehard hunter can be a back breaking endeavor-literally.  Here at the Stankowski household that means visiting hunting sites early and preparing them for the season. The woods during the summer is a vast jungle of greenery, there are things… Read More »

Alaska is Paradise

Scott Stankowski Senior Outdoor Writer June 30, 2017 Seward, Alaska-   For two weeks, Kara and I are spending part of our summer in Alaska. We flew into Anchorage late on Monday night and were greeted by the Luckassons.   Chantell is Kara’s longtime bestie, and along with her husband Lance allowed us in with open arms,… Read More »