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BoneView camera viewer great help

Scott Stankowski Senior Outdoor Writer December 12, 2018 Stevens Point-Through the advent of technology we can sit in a tree stand knowing what deer live on our property.  Up until now that theory holds fairly steady as does and fawns stick tight to a core area and bucks will bachelor up for the most part. … Read More »

Gun season success

Scott Stankowski Senior Outdoor Writer November 21, 2018 Stevens Point— After having hunted the same land since I began to hunt, a change occurred.  My great uncle passed two years ago and the property got sold off to pay heirs he did not even know.  It was a disappointing state of affairs. The boys and… Read More »

Preparing for deer processing

Scott Stankowski Senior Outdoor Writer November 14, 2018 Stevens Point— We are on the eve of the 2018 Wisconsin Deer Hunting season and are once again going to face colder than average temperatures heading into the hunt. I used to believe the adage that an old deer or buck in the rut was not as… Read More »

A hunt to remember

Austin Stankowski Junior Outdoor Writer October 24, 2018 Stevens Point— School was finished for the day and sadly my football season had just ended. But I was chomping at the bit to get into the woods. My longtime friend and baseball teammate, Jacob “Duck” Danielson invited me to join him for some bow hunting.   We… Read More »

McDill Pond highway update and review

Scott Stankowski Senior Outdoor Writer October 9, 2018 Stevens Point— The Highway 51 corridor project has made its way to McDill pond and for those of you driving on through you may wonder what exactly is going on. I had the privilege to talk with project development engineer Korey Boehm of the Wisconsin Department of… Read More »

Versatility catches walleyes

Scott Stankowski Senior Outdoor Writer 8-14-18 Green Bay— The boys and I traveled to Green Bay recently past week to get on the popular walleye bite in the bay.  Having fished with Captain Scott Allen of Allen’s guide service several times we were ready to tackle the bay ourselves. It is not an easy task… Read More »