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CWS Student Athlete Spotlight: Abbotsford’s Aaron Schmeiser

By David Keech March 19, 2019 Abbotsford-– The CWS Student-Athlete Spotlight falls on three sport athlete Aaron Schmeiser of Abbotsford. Read on to find out what makes Schmeiser ‘tick’ with our world famous CWS interview ‘Pancakes or Waffles?’ CWS: What classes are you taking this year? Schmeiser: Oral Communications, Physics, International Foods, Trig, Teacher Aid,… Read More »

CWS Student Athlete Spotlight: Almond-Bancroft’s Noah Kollock

By David Keech March 7, 2019 Almond— Noah Kollock is a multi-sport standout for Almond-Bancroft, being a central figure for the Eagles in football, basketball, and track. We caught up with Kollock so he could complete our world-famous CWS interview ‘Pancakes or Waffles?” to learn more about what makes Kollock ‘tick.’ CWS: What classes are… Read More »