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5 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Elaine Jakusz

    Nice write up about Assumption football. It would be GREAT to see Pacelli footbal!

    1. Brian Kalish Post author

      Hi Elaine, I’m working on getting out to Pacelli! Was hoping for today, but the rain might prevent it. We will have something for Pacelli soon, including a bunch of pics.

  2. Robert Piotrowski

    Just wondering about something. Are the small schools in the area not going to be included here like Pittsville, Port Edwards and the like? There used to be links to them. Just curious because the kids at school have commented on this.

  3. Anonymous

    So it is very cool that Central Wisconsin Sports does the athlete of the week and team of the week. However, I find the scamming of the voting to lead to very poor sportsmanship. I have been watching the votes for the current athlete of the week. It is amazing to me that Jacob from Stratford was at 1100 votes most of the day yesterday until about 3:30PM. Then he jumped to 1800 and then today he is now at almost 3,000. In my opinion, this kid does not deserve to win when there is cheating like this happening!


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