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You can get a box score, standings, and game reporting from pretty much anywhere. So what makes us different? First, we place an emphasis on the student athlete. This includes in-depth player interviews, video highlights, and more. For game reporting, we favor depth over breadth. Do we cover football, basketball, and other popular sports? Of course. But we also cover activities that traditional media tends to ignore. Whether its cross country and gymnastics or dance and cheer, we have the stats and the stories when fans want them. And while we don’t cover every city in central Wisconsin (yet), everything we do cover is given our full attention.

We’re also the pioneer of live streaming broadcasts in the region.  We began broadcasting games live on the site in 2012. To this day, fans can watch their favorite team’s game using any connected device. Our live streamed videos include game footage, post-game interviews, and in-game reports. Each video is archived on our website so fans, players, and coaches can watch their favorite game or favorite play as many times as they want.

Finally, we recognize that the online experience would be incomplete without audience participation. Our followers have a chance to interact with us and area athletes. They can comment on articles, submit questions, send us videos, take daily polls, and participate in our highly informative and interactive social media experience. The bottom line is: if our audience is not happy, we’re not happy.



Our mission is simple: To connect fans with the sports, teams, and athletes they follow. We also support the communities of our fans and athletes by promoting and partnering with local businesses across all of our media channels.



Central Wisconsin Sports was launched in 2009 by president, founder, and owner Brian Kalish as a way to combine three things he loved: writing, sports, and the outdoors.

Over the next few years, head writers Scott Stankowski, David Keech, and Brandon Lang joined Brian’s team, which allowed the company to expand its coverage of sports throughout Portage and Wood counties.  Steve Maves began writing for CWS in 2017.

Central Wisconsin Sports also partners with UW-Stevens Point and local high schools to provide students with internships and experience in sports journalism and media production.


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