2019 Columbus Catholic Baseball Schedule

Type Date Time Home/Host Opponent Location
Game 04-11-19 5:00PM Neillsville Away vs. Neillsville
Neillsville High School
Game 04-12-19 5:00PM Loyal Away vs. Loyal
Loyal High School
Game 04-16-19 5:00PM Spencer Away vs. Spencer
Spencer High School
Game 04-18-19 5:00PM Columbus Catholic Schools Gilman
Jack Hackman Field
Game 04-23-19 5:00PM Greenwood Away vs. Greenwood
Greenwood Elementary School
Game 04-25-19 5:00PM Columbus Catholic Schools Owen-Withee
Jack Hackman Field
Game 04-26-19 4:30PM Columbus Catholic Schools Granton H.S.
Jack Hackman Field
Game 04-30-19 5:00PM Columbus Catholic Schools Neillsville
Jack Hackman Field
Game 05-07-19 5:00PM Columbus Catholic Schools Loyal
Jack Hackman Field
Game 05-09-19 5:00PM Columbus Catholic Schools Spencer
Jack Hackman Field
Game 05-10-19 5:00PM Gilman Away vs. Gilman
Gilman Elementary and High School
Game 05-14-19 5:00PM Columbus Catholic Schools Greenwood
Jack Hackman Field
Game 05-16-19 5:00PM Owen-Withee Away vs. Owen-Withee
Owen-Withee High School
Game 05-17-19 5:00PM Granton H.S. Away vs. Granton H.S.
Granton High School

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