CWS Super Bowl VIII Prop Bets Challenge: Experts and Guests battle

By David Keech

January 31, 2019

Atlanta— The entire world is ready for Super Bowl 53, and the excitement is everywhere. Office pools are all over the place, and people are placing their bets on who will win the game.

Propositional bets, commonly called Prop Bets, are the new thing being talked about everywhere, and here at CWS, we have a fun new challenge. We have our first-ever CWS Prop Bets Challenge, and we have assembled an array of CWS experts and CWS readers to take their chance at winning our challenge.

The cost? Nothing. Just pride on the line. Just pretend money, all in fun.

Here’s how prop bets work.

To bet the ‘favored’ the amount of ‘money’ risked to earn $100 is listed. For example, a safety – a rare occurrence, it would take $1250 bet on the favorite, NO SAFETY, to earn $100.  However, the underdog, YES SAFETY, would take a $100 bet, and if a safety is registered, $800 is earned.

The bigger the underdog, the more that can be gained, of course, from a $100 bet. Then again, there is a reason for underdogs in the first place.

Stay tuned to the picks our CWS guests and ‘experts’ make, and we’ll find out who take the title of our first CWS Prop Bets Challenge!

Favored Underdog
Prop Bets Risk to earn 100 Risk 100 to earn
Will a player leave the game and not return due to concussion symptoms? No 150 Yes 120
Highest scoring period is in: 1st half 140 2nd half 100
Will there be a safety? No 1250 Yes 800
Will there be a successful 2 pt conversion yes 320 no 260
Which is higher? Trump’s approval rating or longest FG? FG 140 Trump rating 110
Will any player do the floss or a TD celebration? No 750 yes 450
# commercials with a dog in it?
Will the game go to OT? No 1250 Yes 800
How many Maroon 5 songs will be performed at halftime? > 3.5 160 < 3.5 120
Which commercial will air first? Coke/similar 170 Pepsi/similiar 130
Will any player be ejected for fighting? No 1600 Yes 700
Will either team’s kicker hit the upright on a field goal or extra point? No 650 Yes 375
Will Donald Trump attend the game? No 700 Yes 459

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