From the Braintrust: Abbotsford music department demonstrates teamwork at the highest level

From the Braintrust

By David Keech

January 7, 2018

Abbotsford— “Imagine all the people.” The song made famous  by John Lennon has withstood the test of time, but may not have been any more applicable than at a Christmas Concert the Abbotsford High School music department in December.

CWS is all about covering high school sports in central Wisconsin, and is the only source that can claim coverage of athletic accomplishments for over 20 high schools in our area. CWS not only covers athletes in the sports arena, however.

Athletes also make up a big portion of talented student groups that excel in the classroom and community. Music concerts are one such example where athletes shine, a place  to witness how athletes’ multiple talents shine in a different environment.

For example, at the Falcons’ concert, athletes from grades 6-12 were members of band and choir groups that gave everyone a chance to appreciate not only their musical talents, but their teamwork. In my time as a public address announcer and sportswriter, I’ve covered sports from over 15 area schools, and have witnessed first hand great coaching and teamwork. That’s a privilege that comes with being around sports. Count me among the blessed that get to witness athletics year-round.

What I witnessed that evening in the Abbotsford gym, however, was more than just a good concert. The evening showcased not only the musical talents of the Falcons’ musical department, but how well the groups worked together.

It was simply teamwork at its finest.

An evening that featured over 25 athletes among the performers gave the 300 plus in attendance some excellent music to listen to, but that was only part of the show. Watching the students walk into the gym was a thing of beauty, a choreographed march that proved practice makes perfect. Not only was the music well rehearsed, but the marching in and transitions from one group to the next was well orchestrated.

Abbotsford High School has it together.

Just as in sports, music gives us a chance to experience a wide variety of emotions. With any team, our emotions have ebbs and flows. Winning produces smiles and cheers, losing helps us stay humble and the chance to root for teams to come out ahead the next time around.

Let’s not forget tears. Watching athletes give it their all, win or lose, can bring about tears, and that’s not a bad thing at all. Sports teach us how to keep things in perspective.

So does seeing students work together to deliver a music concert.

When the Abbotsford Choir shared their rendition of  “Silent Night,” it was more than just singing and playing music well, it was  a performance that moved me to tears. This from a group that included many athletes, who I’ve watched excel in sports.

Music and sports give students a chance to excel in different ways, but it all comes down to being part of a team, working together. That evening in the Abbotsford gym, teamwork was as its finest, and kudos to all that made the concert top notch.

The efforts of the Abbotsford High School music department are obviously also present at schools throughout our area, and that is something we hope to celebrate here on CWS.

Help us out by letting us know when you see  athletes involved in venues and capacities outside of sports.

Examples include:

  • upcoming concerts, plays, productions
  • athletes volunteering, involved in the community
  • athletes coaching youth sports

See some examples worth promoting? Send us a message:

Your help will allow us to feature area athletes outside sports, something we all can learn from.



From the Braintrust is a semi-regular column penned by CWS staffed David Keech. While in junior high, Keech wrote sports related articles for every writing assignment given, no matter the teacher’s objective. His teacher, Mr. Showalter, assigned him the moniker of “The Braintrust” since he had opinions on everything sports. Some things just don’t change …

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