CWS Athlete of the Week: January 6-13

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January 13, 2019

Wausau— Take a look at the Athlete of the Week candidates and vote today!

Voting ends on Wednesday at approximately 5 p.m.

If you come across a great performance this upcoming week and feel that an individual (or two) should be recognized, shoot us a tweet @centralwisco or drop us a comment on Facebook and we’ll take your nomination into consideration. Also check out past nominees and winners on the CWS Athlete of the Week Page.

Remi Geiger, Loyal- Geiger had 28 points in a  double OT win over Gilman, 98-91, and then the Greyhounds’ point guard scored 18 points to power Loyal past Greenwood

Alex King, Neillsville— The Warriors’ senior guard exploded for 40 points as Neillsville routed Spencer, 90-46. 

Colton Wright, Auburndale-– Wright had a nice night for Auburndale in their 82-39 win over Nekoosa. Wright had 19 points to lead all scorers, connecting on 5 of his 6 three-pointers.

Jadelyn Ganski, Newman CatholicGanski had a game-high 25 points as Newman defeated Auburndale 60-49 in Marawood South action.

Noah Taylor, Columbus Catholic-– Taylor led all scorers with 26 points as Columbus Catholic defeated Loyal, 78-55 and improved to 7-0 in the Cloverbelt, tied for the lead with Neillsville.

Javon Penney, Athens Penney had 19 points for Athens in their 70-65 win over Rib Lake. Penney’s six three-pointers kept the Blue Jays tied for the Marawood North lead with Phillips at 5-3.

Madisyn Rogan, SPASH-– The Panthers needed every point they could get, and Rogan’s 34 points and clutch free throw shooting down the stretch made the difference in the Panthers’ 90-87 win over Wausau West. Rogan made four three throws in the final 28 seconds as SPASH held off a furious West comeback.

Cade Bowker, Rosholt— Bowker poured in 30 points in Rosholt’s 63-58 win over Pittsville. 

Matthew Kissner, Pittsville— Kissner had 39 points as Pittsville toppled Port Edwards 70-61.  Kissner was 15-20 from the floor and grabbed 10 rebounds in the win.

Gabe Krueger, Wausau East— In East’s 69-63 win over Wisconsin Rapids Lincoln, Krueger had 23 points and 15 rebounds to spark East to victory, ending a three game skid.

Alyssa Underwood / Lexi Underwood, Colby— The pair each had 15 points as Colby remained unbeaten atop the Cloverbelt East, downing Owen-Withee 72-57.

Jacob Heiden, Stratford-Heiden went 3-0 for the Tigers in the home dual tournament, picking up three pins as the #1 ranked Tigers continued to impress.

Dylan Lisitza, Wisconsin Rapids Lincoln— The sophomore point guard had a career-high 41 points, including an assist that set up Austin Pelot’s game-winning three, capping off a 92-91 comeback win for the Red Raiders.

Adam Prokop. Wausau West— Prokop finished with 21 saves, including 10 in the final period, and second-ranked West moved atop the conference standings with a tough-minded 2-1 win over No. 7 SPASH. The win gave the Warriors the win in the “Stick it to Cancer” event.

Austin Bacon, SpencerBacon had 26 points and 5 steals for the Rockets in their 67-65 win over rival Colby. It was Bacon’s final two points that were most impressive, however, as he hit the game-winner in the lane as time expired to deliver the win.

Who gets your vote for CWS Athlete of the Week: Jan. 6 - Jan 13?

  • Jadelyn Ganski, Newman Catholic (0%, 39 Votes)
  • Cade Bowker, Rosholt (0%, 38 Votes)
  • Colton Wright, Auburndale (1%, 180 Votes)
  • Alyssa Underwood / Lexi Underwood, Colby (2%, 260 Votes)
  • Javon Penney, Athens (34%, 4,229 Votes)
  • Alex King, Neillsville (0%, 54 Votes)
  • Noah Taylor, Columbus Catholic (10%, 1,297 Votes)
  • Adam Prokop, Wausau West (2%, 229 Votes)
  • Remi Geiger, Loyal (1%, 131 Votes)
  • Austin Bacon, Spencer (1%, 90 Votes)
  • Madisyn Rogan, SPASH (2%, 217 Votes)
  • Dylan Lisitza, Wisconsin Rapids Lincoln (1%, 175 Votes)
  • Gabe Krueger, Wausau East (1%, 85 Votes)
  • Matthew Kissner, Pittsville (1%, 112 Votes)
  • Jacob Heiden, Stratford (43%, 5,445 Votes)

Total Voters: 12,581

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44 thoughts on “CWS Athlete of the Week: January 6-13

  1. Phil McKrevice

    It looks to me like your young athlete Jacob Heiden has figured out a way to cheat the system…

    If it’s going to be this badly skewed, either you address that problem to keep it from happening, or you eliminate this contest all together… I watched this contest closely, and his numbers told the story. Not cool at all.

    1. Brian Kalish

      Hi Phil McKrevice. We do the best we can to monitor voting and if there are any aberrations, we do what we can to stop them, i.e., block offending IP addresses, etc. Thank you for “filling” us in with your opinion. We always appreciate feedback from viewers.

  2. Denny

    I am Jake’s Grandfather. We did not cheat. We called the sponsor CW to verify the rules. We were told 1 vote per electronic device ie phone, kindle, tower. Laptop etc. Thus I voted 4 times per what we were told was legal. As each of us voted we shared the site to other friends an family asking them to vote. I sent many requests to others. They in turn passed it on. Every was excited to see Jake nominated and jumped on our bandwagon. Jake has a Sister in college in Eau Claire and a Sister in collage in Mequon. They too voted and passed the web site to others. We too are surprised how high it has gotten. Sorry that you feel the way you do but no one cheated. We just had a ton of help by passing the web site to lots of other people.
    Thank you

  3. Karen hEIDEN

    we were only allowed to vote once. Passed along to friends who in turn voted. that is NOT cheating

  4. Nikki

    This contest has totally been skewed. I have been also watching this closely. Jake was at 1100 Monday then at 330pm he went from 1100 to nearly 2000 in a matter of two hours (totally unrealistic)! Then I woke up Tuesday morning and he was 2800 (again totally unrealistic). Also,Javon was way behind Noah and is now over 2800 in less then a 24 hour period. Totally skewed!!! This is, in my opinion, poor sportsmanship!!!!!

    1. Charlie

      Why is it a problem he has many supporters? This competition was shared across many platforms, which in return attracts many people. I dont see anything wrong with that?

    2. Katy

      Hello! I completely agree. I was watching very closely and at 10:00 this morning and Jacob was at 4,000 and in a matter of less than an hour, it went up to 4,264; It seems that Jacob found a way to manipulate the system. This is very unfair to the other athletes. Jacob may have lots of supporters, but sorry to break it to you—you can’t gain that many votes naturally.

  5. Nikki

    And you can vote more than once by going to a private browser, which I am sure the younger generation is aware and doing!

  6. Sarah

    I see a bunch of poor sports and sore losers. Jacob did NOT cheat. He has a ton of people who support him. Whining about him taking the lead doesn’t give other people more votes. So use that energy to spreading the word 😉

  7. Nikki

    Sarah why don’t you watch. Athens and Stratford- it is pretty hard to immobilize and get twenty people within an hour, let alone every 5 minutes with only ONE vote per day per person!! I would like to think there isn’t cheating going on…however what is happening is showing otherwise. I wish I could send the screenshots of the results that I have taken and prove to you that there is NO WAY that there is not cheating going on!!! My bet is on Javon winning the race bc he has been able to immobilize more than 3500 people in just the last few hours and it continues to climb along with Jacob’s numbers at an almost equal pace!

    1. Makenzi

      Nikki, why is it that YOU care so much about athlete of the week for TEENAGERS? All I see is your name in the comments, so clearly you’re the only one that’s so bothered. I would recommend that you stop being so bitter… just my opinion.

  8. Nikki

    In my eyes those two cheating should be eliminated and the winner should be the next in line….my opinion! This is not resulting in who the true athlete of the week is!

  9. Cara E Dal Porto

    Sarah, his siblings friend has a very popular YouTube channel and she asked her subscribers to vote for him so he would win, I can promise you they are all real votes she has 146,000 subscribers I’m surprised he doesn’t have more.

  10. GO JACOB!!

    Came here to vote because he has a YouTube family of 146k people supporting him! He isn’t cheating. We are taught good sportsmanship in elementary school….. Be happy for whoever wins!!! My entire family is supporting you Jacob!!

  11. China

    Nikki and Phil,

    A YouTuber with over 150K followers asked for us to vote for her friend. This is undoubtedly what caused the surge in votes for Jake, I watched as the voters soared as she asked us to help him out multiple times. It is not cheating to have alot of support, you guys are really making something fun into something horrendous for these kids and should be ashamed. Let them live!

  12. Go Jacob!!!!!!!!

    Go jacob!!! Voting has not been cheated! Do not blame his overwhelming support on cheating. You can do this!

  13. Got It

    As we too have been watching and took it upon ourselves to prove a point that the system is flawed, we have been running up the Athens votes after we saw the post yesterday. When we caught the Athens Player up to the Stratford player we stopped. This was done merely to prove you can go around the 1 vote per person as we too were floored at the jumping numbers that nobody stood a chance on beating unless we could figure out if and how it could be done. Weather Stratford took advantage of the flaw or not it is not cheating. I want to note that neither party involved were aware we were testing this and apologize if it caused hard feelings. Its just a flawed system in today’s new world and it will be eventually worked out. All the contestants are worthy and cuddos to them for making the list!

  14. Alexa

    Jacob isn’t cheating, he just has a network of supporters. Theyre kids. Let them live.

  15. Samantha

    I would like to say Jacob did not cheat. This is a contest you share with your family and friends and try to get as many votes as possible. Jacob happens to be like a younger brother to me, so i used my social media following to help him out. Don’t hate the player. Hate the game. Jacob did nothing wrong. Nor are the votes fake. They are very real. So I’m sorry if that upset anyone.

  16. Cheating

    Everybody was sent here from a YouTuber named samantha joe who asked her 146k subscribers to vote for Jacob because she is close to the family, she then told everybody a way to vote multiple times as they can by clearing the history on your device to keep voting, and then other people were telling them they can go in incognito mode on a smartphone to also vote as many times as they want over and over again. I saw one comment from a subscriber saying she voted more than 50 times in a row and she is still going. Now if that isn’t cheating I dont know what is. Shame on samantha joe for asking and successfully having people cheat the system and vote for Jacob over and over again. This Is not Jacob’s fault, this is on samantha.

  17. GO JACOB!!

    This isn’t on Samantha either. If it’s “cheating” then the system is flawed and it’s the systems fault. There is 146k of us. There could be way more votes for him than there are already.

  18. Carlos

    What is the YouTube channel then if that’s how all these votes got on there?

  19. Nikki

    Thank you cheating and got it for making it clear there is cheating/scamming going on! Point proved!

  20. FACTS

    Okay, let’s be clear in one thing. The voting is monitored by someone. If someone is cheating, they WILL notice this and block the voters cheating. Everyone needs to stop pointing fingers and placing blame on others. If you do not like the system or the competition here FOR FUN, you have every right to excuse yourself from the page. I think it’s time that the comments should end. The people being negative are ruining a good thing for young athletes. Grow up and let them enjoy their time in high school. Commenting these negative things makes YOU the one who is having poor sportsmanship. So please, excuse yourself and let the rest of us enjoy the moment as it’s an honor to even make this list! The winner gets nothing so regardless of the final tally, they are all winners. Congratulations to everyone on the list! Please don’t let anybody ruin this proud moment for you! Keep up the great work Central Wisconsin athletes!

  21. Amy

    I voted for Jake, he is my nephew! We shared with family and friends …

  22. Jordan

    So this Jacob kid is definitely not cheating. When a child has good support and word of mouth spreads so does the votes. I got asked to vote by a family friend. Just because she has a large platform and he can get this many votes isn’t a bad thing. Y’all are just sore sports. He is winning fairly. Good luck next year to the rest of the contestants!

  23. Jordan

    Samantha never asked us to “cheat” she literally apologized to her following for even asking us to vote. Now the fact that y’all are but hurt that someone other than your kid is winning is sad. Jacob is winning fairly and the votes are monitored so if someone is cheating they will get caught and Samantha never asked us too.

  24. Lindsey

    How in the world would any cheating be going on? People vote and then they share. Some of these kids have connections to influenceres that are more known than others and I don’t think there is anything wrong with supporting others any way possible. Some ADULTS or complaining because a CHILD is getting more votes than others. Good for him. I’m so glad for whoever wins! This is such a cool opportunity for these kids. Everyone just be happy and supportive jeez. ✌

  25. Carly

    To everyone that said Jacob is cheating HE IS NOT a great person who has a YouTube following shouted him out. Someone said in one of these responses that’s she told people how to vote more than once which if you read it she never said that anywhere!!! All these adults are hurt but he’s winning fair and square, just deal with it.

  26. Nadia

    hi! i just wanted to say that jacob is in fact NOT cheating. He is just friends with someone who happens to have a large social media reach.

  27. Brianna

    Jacob is not cheating. I dont understand why people are being so cruel towards him. He is winning fairly. Just because your child isnt winning doesnt mean others are cheating. All the votes are real and this kid has a lot of support and a lot of people rooting for him including me. GO JACOB!! Better luck next year to the other contestants

    1. Phil McKrevice

      Hello all… Phil here again…
      I didn’t mean to stir up such a turd… and I TOTALLY support these athletes for being here in the first place. Even though my favorite athlete didn’t have a snowballs chance in hell at winning due to “shenanigans” that have been going on… I just wanted to point out that it would be nice if a person got on the page, voted, and then that was it… Don’t vote a kazillion times, YouTube the world to get their votes, etc.., Never once did I ever question the character of the young athlete, just those who are rooting for them… I TOTALLY understand family getting on and voting… all for it… but unless our winner comes from a Mormon polygamist family and his grandfather had 15 sister wives, all of which gave birth to 10-14 healthy babies, who have since married and had a enormous progeny of their own, I don’t think it’s his family that’s creating the large numbers… Now, the whole YouTube thing… whatev… Kudos on that one… but it still ‘smells’ funny… like voters allowed to vote more than once a day , MULTIPLE times a day… but that is fine… I am proud of all the athletes on here… just a little unimpressed by the supporters. Maybe it wasn’t their fault!? Probably President Trump? The Russians? Not sure… but hats off to the winner…

  28. Nahhhh Fammmm

    They aren’t cheating. They are all real votes I can tell you that.

  29. *

    The only reason Jacob is winning is because a YouTuber named Samantha Jo is blasting the link over and over begging her 140,000+ subscribers to vote for him. That’s not fair as those votes and not based on athleticism.

  30. Kelly Smith

    Jacob did not cheat, he asked friends of friends to vote for him and someone close to him shared it with their youtube following. They are legit votes. Please do not blame the child that is so very immature. Be adults please!

  31. me

    first of all, people need to stop pointing fingers because nobody knows all the sides of the story and i doubt you guys know any of these so called “cheaters” in real life. second of all, if you’re preferred athlete doesn’t win is it the end of the world? no. it may be upsetting but it’s defined not THAT bad. so please grow up and learn to be happy for people, have a nice day 🙂

  32. Unfair

    Honestly, I don’t think the votes should be counted for. It’s not fair that the votes were clearly all coming from youtubers who have no idea who he even is and it’s solely based off of someone telling them to vote for him from across the country. Nice one, Sam. You made it unfair to the other athletes in the running who earned their votes.


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