CWS Student Athlete Spotlight: Hayden Hopfensperger

CWS Sports Desk

October 10, 2018

Stevens Point– caught up with SPASH senior two way starter, lineman and captain, Hayden Hopfensperger for a little sit down

CWS–You are center and DT for the SPASH Panthers, what do you like about each position?

H.H.-Well at center I love knowing what I have to do on each play and executing it. And I love my boys I have up there with me, I feel like we are all pretty close on the front line. On defense I like being able to make plays and run the schemes that our coaches give us for that week. Even if I’m not the one making the play I know that by me doing my job I made the play more successful.

CWS--How do you keep yourself ready to go for the whole game?

H.H.–Well it all starts the night before, from getting the right amount of sleep and then eating all the right food throughout the day. I also do my best to drink a lot of water while I am at school.

CWS– What do you like to do in your spare time?

H.H.–In my spare time I do farm work at my house. I live on a hobby farm with beef cows so there is always something that can be worked on around the farm. I also enjoy working out and just improving on myself mentally and physically.

CWS–Who is your role model and favorite athlete?

H.H.–My role models would probably have to be my dad and my oldest brother Josh. They both have taught me that respect and hard work will help you a lot in life. They never had to tell me that, they told me by their actions that they both do. My favorite athlete is probably JJ Watt, not only for his play on the field but he is just such a good person and does so much for his community and the people in need.

CWS–What is your favorite thing about being a part of this team?

H.H.–My favorite part of being on this team is being able to help the younger players and show them how to get it done. Not always with my words but with my actions either at school or on the field.

CWS– In the summer you were a part of the lineman challenge at Lambeau field and won first place, what do you remember most about that?

H.H.–I remember all of us out there having a bunch of fun and then being able to win was so cool because it was from the Green Bay Packers Organization. It was something I will not forget any time soon.

CWS–What is your favorite class and who is your favorite teacher?

H.H.–My favorite class this year is my engineering class taught by Mr. Vanderloop. My favorite teacher is Ms. Nelson because she is super nice and really helped me out in math last year.

CWS–What are your plans after high school?

H.H--I am still trying to figure out a solid plan but hopefully I will be able to go to college and get a degree in either agriculture or engineering. Hopefully able to continue playing football at the next level.

CWS–If you were stranded on a desert island who on the team would you want to be stranded with and who would you not want to be?

H.H.– I would want Luke Babl to be on the island with me because we work good together and he is good at figuring stuff out sometimes. I wouldn’t bring Gilly (Adam Gilmeister) because he wouldn’t do anything to help survive 

CWS—Finally the one we all have been waiting for, pancakes or waffles?


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