Biegel ready to roll

Scott ‘ Coach’ Stankowski
Senior Outdoor Writer

August 3, 2018

Green Bay—  Central Wisconsin Sports sat down recently with Wisconsin Rapids native and second-year Green Bay Packer Vince Biegel for an interview prior to the windup of the 2018 NFL football season.

Former Packers and head of player consulting Grey Ruegamer had nothing but great things to say about Biegel heading into his sophomore season.

“Vince is a great person and athlete, he is fun to be around and works hard at what he does,” Ruegamer said.

Things certainly have not changed in those regards for Vince.

Biegel is heading into the 2018 campaign injury-free for the first time as a professional and is ready to go.  The 2017 season was a good year for him, but posed a lot of challenges– both mentally and physically.

Biegel is now 100% healthy and and he is locked into the season.

Vince is slated for the outside linebacker role, and having gone through past challenges, he realizes that there will be ups and downs as the season progresses.

“You cannot make it bigger than what it is, I have everything in place from nutrition to rehab to training,” Biegel said.  “Last year taught me a lot of lessons through adversity to overcome, not just lessons with football but life lessons as well.”

Those lessons should serve him well.

Biegel took some time off after the end of the 2017 campaign but quickly got going in January as he headed to San Diego to train with some of the best and brightest in the nation.  After that he went to Los Angeles to work out with teammate Clay Mathews, followed by team OTA’s in April for 2 months.

In between all of the workouts, Vince has made it a mission to be seen in the community.  He understands the unique opportunity of being a home-grown Packer and wants to use it as his platform to get out and talk with others.  Last week he talked with some of the high school all-star football players at the Shrine Bowl.  Prior to that, he was at the Farm Tech days in central Wisconsin.

He feels having his roots here in central Wisconsin are to his advantage.

“I am very thankful and appreciative, especially of the support I get.  I enjoy going to my hometown in Rapids, they are great people and a great community and I cannot thank them enough.”

Biegel now calls Green Bay home with his wife Sarah, they just celebrated their first wedding anniversary.  The Green Bay Packers understand that a player’s ability on the field comes from all aspects of life, especially at home.  The Packers have a women’s organization for the wives of the players, many of whom are from out of state and do not know anyone.

Biegel spends  as much as 4-6 hours each day in the off season working out. When he is not working out, he is with Sarah and enjoys boating.

As training camp resumes, Biegel will be in the ‘office’ from 6:30 in the morning until 8:30 at night.  Being a professional athlete is a 24-7 job.  Ruegamer commented on how things have changed in the 15 years since he has played.  The athlete’s job is to take care of his body from head to toe, from muscle to brain.

For those who have followed Vince since he was a kid, you know that he has a flair.  He likes to express that especially in his hair, which he became well known for while playing with the Wisconsin Badgers.  The mullet was his staple, so much so that there are youngsters who emulate it, including my own son Cade.  Cade asks me to cut his hair and when I ask how he wants it done, he replies, “Like Biegel’s.”

In addition to his unconventional hair style choices, Biegel has also donated his hair to charitable organizations.  Cade has decided that after his freshman high school football season that he is getting it cut for Wigs for Kids, an organization that gives free wigs to kids dealing with cancer.

“That is just awesome, knowing that Cade is helping others. It really means a lot to me,” Biegel said.

So will the mullet make an appearance in 2018?

“Stay tuned, I have not cut it in over a year and we have some great hair on the team, it is something to have fun with.”

Biegel should be considered a great role model for the younger kids.  He is a person that thinks before he does, but has a great time enjoying life and having fun.  I have watched Vince grow up into the man he is and have always been impressed with his upbringing.

Finally what would a CWS interview be without asking the most important question: Pancakes or waffles?

“Pancakes easily.  Sarah makes the best pancakes and on top of that I just feel like you can add a lot more protein to a pancake and add to it.  Waffles are waffles.”

Even with his food Biegel likes to add a little flair.  We look forward to a great season and some flair on the field.  Have a great season!

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