Hornung stars in Marathon win over Assumption

By Brian Kalish

May 7, 2018

Marathon City– The Royals’ last gasp in their Marawood South match up against Marathon nearly took the Red Raiders’ breath away.  Down 3-0 with two Royals aboard, Erin Sullivan dug in at the plate and hit two monster shots off of Marathon starter Sasha Hornung.

Fortunately for Red Raider fans, both of those bombs tailed foul deep down the left field line.

Hornung then fired an outside fastball that blew by Sullivan and preserved the 3-0 win for the home team.

It was a gutty effort by Hornung, who went the distance, striking out nine batters and out-dueling Assumption starter Kendall Schill.

“My coach called inside (pitches),” said Hornung of the final at bat. “The last time I jammed her, but she hit the inside pitch and I said that was close, that was close. He called inside again and I said nope, I’m not going to let that happen.  I stepped off and shook it off and said I think I can do this, I think I can get her outside.”

“It was a great at bat,” said Assumption coach Charlie Nelson. “Sasha’s a great pitcher and Erin had a great at bat.  Sometimes the game comes down to a couple of feet. We could have been tied twice there, but we waited too long to give ourselves that chance.”

Assumption had a couple of opportunities against Hornung, bringing two runners aboard with two outs on three separate occasions.  But the Royals were unable to come through with a big hit to drive in those runs.

Conversely, Marathon’s Liz Boehm made the most of her opportunities at the plate.  Boehm was 3-3 on the day. Her biggest hit came in the bottom of the fifth inning with Marathon up 1-0 when she laced a two-RBI single to provide the Red Raiders with some much-needed insurance runs.

“Liz really got dialed in this last weekend,” said Marathon coach Chad Thurs. “We played Burlington Catholic and Marshall and she really just started hitting the ball. Up to that point, she’s been just missing or foul tipping or or just off, just a little bit.  But now she’s just been dialed in and making solid contact.”

Sammy Nelson and Sullivan both had two hits for Assumption.  The Royals tallied seven hits against Hornung.

Marathon got two hits from Hannah Hornung and Kenya Kaldunski, respectively.

“It’s a very big win,”said Sasha Hornung. “We’ve got a seven-game winning streak.  It’s big.”

“This is going to be the best thing for us,” said Nelson. “The competition’s great. We get to play them again on Thursday and that’s going to be a great battle.  That’s how we’re going to get better.”

Marathon improves to 5-0 in conference play and 10-3 overall, while Assumption falls to 5-1 in the Marawood South and 6-1 overall.




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