2018 Athens Baseball Schedule

Type Date Time Home/Host Opponent Location
Game 04-02-18 River Valley
Away vs. River Valley
Game 04-02-18 Athens Medford
(Cancelled) Warm-ups begin at 9:30
Game 04-03-18 Athens Thorp
(Date Changed to 05-24-18)
Game 04-05-18 Athens
Game 04-09-18 4:45PM Prentice Away vs. Prentice Prentice High School
Game 04-10-18 4:45PM Athens Prentice
Athens High School
Game 04-13-18 4:45PM Athens Auburndale
Athens High School
Game 04-14-18 11:00AM Athens Butternut
Athens Baseball Field
Game 04-16-18 4:45PM Athens Abbotsford
Athens High School
Game 04-17-18 4:45PM Abbotsford Away vs. Abbotsford Abbotsford High School
Game 04-20-18 4:45PM Newman Catholic Away vs. Newman Catholic Newman Catholic High School
Game 04-24-18 4:45PM Athens Phillips
Athens High School
Game 04-26-18 4:45PM Phillips Away vs. Phillips Phillips High School
Game 04-27-18 4:45PM Athens Stratford
Athens High School
Game 05-01-18 4:45PM Chequamegon High School Away vs. Chequamegon High School Chequamegon High School
Game 05-03-18 4:45PM Athens Chequamegon High School
Athens High School
Game 05-04-18 4:45PM Edgar Away vs. Edgar Edgar High School
Game 05-07-18 4:45PM Athens Rib Lake
Athens High School
Game 05-10-18 4:45PM Rib Lake Away vs. Rib Lake Rib Lake High School
Game 05-11-18 4:45PM Athens Marathon
Athens High School
Game 05-15-18 4:45PM Athens Greenwood
Athens Baseball Field
Game 05-17-18 4:45PM Athens Cadott
Athens Baseball Field
Game 05-18-18 4:45PM Assumption Away vs. Assumption Assumption High School
Game 05-21-18 4:30PM Wittenberg-Birnamwood Away vs. Wittenberg-Birnamwood Wittenberg-Birnamwood High School
Game 05-22-18 4:45PM Athens Tomahawk
Athens Baseball Field
Game 05-24-18 4:45PM Athens Thorp
Athens Baseball Field
Game 05-25-18 5:00PM Wausau East Away vs. Wausau East Wausau East High School

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