Colby’s Elmhorst ready to take on the competition at WIAA 3 Point Challenge

By David Keech

March 9, 2018

Colby-– The Colby Hornets advanced to sectional play this season before bowing out to Marathon in a tightly contested battle, but despite the loss, Colby fans will still be actively cheering at the WIAA Girls Basketball State Tournament Saturday morning. Senior sharpshooter Carley Elmhorst qualified for the 3 Point Challenge Contest Saturday, and when the action kicks off at 9:30, fans will be treated to ten three-point shooters ready to demonstrate their long range marksmanship.

Perhaps none is more thankful than Elmhorst for the chance to compete.

“Ideally, I’d like to be there with my team, but since that didn’t happen, I’m excited to represent our school, and I’m thankful for the opportunity.”

Elmhorst was instrumental in the Hornet’s success this season, leading Colby to a Cloverbelt Conference East Division Championship. Colby possessed a balanced scoring attack that saw multiple players lead Colby in scoring, and Elmhorst’s 10.4 points per game average demonstrated how versatile Colby was. Opponents soon discovered this season it was key to limit Elmhorst from outside, but that only allowed leading scorer and point guard Ashley Streveler more opportunities to score and dish out assists. Elmhorst’s threat from long range also opened up things inside, allowing leading rebounders Hailey Voelker and Vanessa Lopez room to take over underneath.

The fact that the Hornets are represented by the hard-working Elmhorst is something Colby Head Coach Randy Rau is proud of.

“This would make any coach proud,” Rau said. “You hope this reflects at least a little bit of what you hope to accomplish in your program. She exemplifies what hard work can do.”

Elmhorst was actually surprised she had made it into the contest, testament to the team player she is.

“I was in shock to find out I was going to compete in the contest, very surprised,” Elmhorst shared. “I’ve been trying to figure out exactly what to do to prepare, but mostly, just keep cool, and get ready to compete.”

Elmhorst’s work ethic is central to what led to her achieve as a Hornet, and Rau proudly shared the keys to his senior guard’s success.

“This is more than just one season of work.This is a senior who has gone to open gyms, lifting weights and getting stronger, working on her form.,” Rau said. “This has all culminated in her being a great shooter and a great basketball player.”



Colby fans traveled well to support Colby all season long, and all signs point to Elmhorst having a large contingent of supporters Saturday morning.

“My team and my family have been very supportive. They’ve been encouraging me. I’ve been told they have a lot of surprises for me over there.”

It’s quite possible the rest of the competition might instead be surprised by Elmhorst. Always cool, calm, and collected on the court, nothing ever seemed to disrupt Elmhorst’s concentration.

“All the Colby kids look up to Carley, and they hope to be heading to Green Bay themselves some year,” Rau noted.






When Saturday morning’s competition kicks in, it’s not a game, it’s a chance for a model student-athlete to have fun and compete one more time as a high school basketball player. Colby fans will have plenty to cheer about, and one thing is certain: Elmhorst will represent Colby well and give fans a reason to cheer.

“This is a small part of what we are. It also tells us that Colby girls basketball has improved, and we are a team to be reckoned with,” Rau explained.

Check back with CWS on Saturday as we cover the 3 point Challenge Contest.






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