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Youth Hunt Experiment Reaps Rewards

Scott Stankowski Senior Outdoor Writer October 14, 2017 Wisconsin Rapids- Teagann Bondioli of Wisconsin Rapids had never shot a high powered gun before.  At the age of 11 she has shot a crossbow and .22 caliber rifle.  Growing up, her father Chris encouraged her in the shooting sports and coming out hunting with him but… Read More »

Waiting for fall

Scott Stankowski Senior Outdoor Writer October 5, 2017 Stevens Point-  The way the weather is going, we may never get a good solid frost.  That is kind of sad because I rely on the lack of vegetation to corner the deer to certain areas of property where the oaks are.  Sure the deer like acorns,… Read More »

Tragedy leads to safety

Scott Stankowski Senior Outdoor Writer September 28, 2017 Stevens Point- I remember it like it was yesterday, watching my unbreakable dad walking in a heap back from the edge of the woods to my grandparents’ house.  I had no idea what had happened to him but rushed to find out. Mike Stankowski awoke on that… Read More »

Thoughts on a Warm Opener

Scott Stankowski Senior Outdoor Writer September 14, 2017 Stevens Point- Here we go again, the start of another hunting season.  The excitement is as high as the anticipation that hunters place on harvesting the quarry that they seek the most.  For some it is fowl and others it is fur.  At any rate the game… Read More »

Between beaches and then some

Scott Stankowski Senior Outdoor Writer August 31, 2017 Seldovia, Alaska-    Our journey through the Kenai Peninsula in July continued as we met Kara’s cousin Chelsea Newton, her husband Jacob and their 5 month old son Sam.  They picked us up and we headed to the docks on Homer and hopped aboard the Rainbow Tour… Read More »

Mantis lessens the load

Scott Stankowski Senior Outdoor Writer August 24, 2017 Stevens Point- Preparing for deer hunting for a diehard hunter can be a back breaking endeavor-literally.  Here at the Stankowski household that means visiting hunting sites early and preparing them for the season. The woods during the summer is a vast jungle of greenery, there are things… Read More »

Big Eau Pleine, Big Problems Ahead

Scott Stankowski Senior Outdoor Writer August 10, 2017 Stevens Point-   For Father’s Day we were supposed to play baseball, but Mother Nature had some other plans.  Seems as though I might not need to trailer my boat to the boat landing if this weather keeps up the way it is. With baseball fields washed out… Read More »

4-Stroke Mercury motor on target

Scott Stankowski-Senior Outdoor Writer 7-27-17 Stevens Point-   I felt it was time; time to put a new motor on the boat.  I had been using a Mercury 2 stroke and it had always run me just fine.  I was sick of hearing from others how much they liked their 4 stroke motors and so I… Read More »

Trophy walleyes on the Bay

Scott Stankowski Senior Outdoor Writer July 20, 2017 Green Bay- Three years ago I was introduced to Scott Allen, a fishing guide on Green Bay, owner of Allen’s Guide Service.  I have been around a lot of fishing guides during my writing career and have met a variety of characters.  I can give you a… Read More »

No Butts About it, Alaska Fishing Fantastic

Scott Stankowski Senior Outdoor Writer July 13, 2017 Homer, Alaska-   After we fished in Seward, the Luckasson’s took us on a great ride towards the city of Homer Alaska.  Homer is basically the Halibut capital of the world.  We stayed at a beautiful air b&b about 4 miles from Homer up on a bluff near… Read More »