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Brian Kalish
President, Founder/Owner

I’ll just give you the essentials here…

First off, I am blessed to have a wonderful and supportive wife.  I met Katie at UW-Madison, where  we were undergraduates (we had a British literature class together—we’re both English nerds).  I am  also blessed to have a very thoughtful and kind 11-year-old daughter.

After moving around to pretty much every  corner of the state of Wisconsin over the last ten years, I can say that I am thrilled we have settled here in central Wisconsin. was conceived as a way to combine three things that I love: writing, sports and the outdoors. I grew up in southwest Wisconsin and, while I was only a marginal (at best) athlete in high school, I always loved playing sports, watching them on TV and reading about them.  I was fortunate to have picked up some freelance writing jobs while living in Milwaukee and always had the desire to write about sports.  This website has provided me with an opportunity to share my love of sports with central Wisconsin.

The outdoors has always been a big part of my life as well.  Some of the best memories of my childhood revolve around fishing the Blue River in southwest Wisconsin or deer hunting with my father, uncles and cousins.  I took up bow hunting a couple of years ago and my passion for archery more or less consumes my life each autumn.  I am also an avid gun hunter.  I have a lot of experience hunting and fishing, but am learning new things each season.  I look forward to sharing my adventures in the outdoors with everyone who visits this site.

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Scott Stankowski
Senior Outdoors Writer

Stan Headshot

I have been the senior outdoor writer for since it started in 2009.

My life revolves around the outdoors. My father and grandfathers introduced me to the outdoors at a very early age. My mission in life is to transfer that passion and desire to my two sons, Austin and Cade because it has given me so much in life.

That passion has led to my outdoor writing pursuits and a National Television show which I co-produce called “GrowinUp Wild”. The show is about my two sons; Austin and Cade as we harvest a variety of game prepare and cook it for the audience.

Austin, who is a sophomore in high school, is a three time state turkey calling champion. In 2012 he won the junior turkey calling as well as the deer rattling and calling contest at the Milwaukee Journal Sports Show.

My youngest son Cade (a 7th grader) has won the state Jr turkey calling contest. Both boys are accomplished show speakers at a variety of venues and have appeared on television shows and national commercial ads.

I am an accomplished and award winning turkey, owl and deer caller at the state and regional level. I am constantly with my boys in the outdoor and when we are not in the woods, we are in our boat the “loose screws” chasing a variety of fish in the east central part of the state. Additionally, I am chapter president of our local National Wildlife Turkey Federation chapter (The Central WI Struttin’ Toms) and have served as banquet chair for 9 of 14 years. The boys are active committee members.

I coach the Wisconsin Rapids CO-OP ice fishing team and have won the state championship in back to back years (2015-16). Austin has been a part of both of those teams as well.

My sponsorships and prostaff memberships include: HHA, Wildlife Research Center, TeamBOB , RAGE Broadheads, Nocturnal lighted noks, Ghostblind, Horseshoe Resort on Cass Lake, Thunderhook Fly-Ins, Darton Archery, Scott Allen Guide Service, Amherst Marine, Scent Lok , Vexilar, Northland tackle company, Deep Freeze Ice Fishing and Mercury Marine.

Feel free to contact me to schedule a speaking engagement appearance as we are available on a limited basis for seminars across the Midwest.

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David Keech
Staff Writer

Keech HeadshotI am often labeled as a sports geek, and I take that as a compliment. I am a fantasy sports geek, especially when it comes to baseball.  I am a stats geek who loves examining the connections with sports and statistics.

When it comes to following sports, I have my favorite teams and love them with a passion:  St. Louis Cardinals, Miami Dolphins, Wisconsin Badgers, and Boston Celtics. I have a strong addiction to a few television programs, which include Criminal Minds, Duck Dynasty, and Big Brother, and I’m a lifelong geeky fan of professional wrestling.

Outside of sports, I am the Fund Development Chairman and Board Member of Disability Rights Wisconsin. I volunteer with Jeremiah’s Crossing in Babcock, love playing softball, and judge at county fairs throughout Wisconsin. I enjoy teaching math at Wisconsin Rapids Junior High.

Here at CWS, I cover a variety of sports, using my background as a public address announcer, radio broadcaster, and newspaper reporter to bring you, the reader, the reliable and dependable  coverage you deserve.

As CWS evolves, I am wearing other hats as well: sales executive, fantasy sports coordinator, and tournament bracket developer.

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Brandon Lang
Staff Writer

Brandon 1As it turns out, one of the hardest things to write is a bio of yourself, so here it goes. I sort of stumbled into the journalist life via process of elimination. I have always been a fan of sports and played a number when I was in high school. My skill and passion for writing didn’t come around until college but, at the time, all I wanted to do was have a career in physics. That was, until I almost failed every math class I took. It was then that I knew I wasn’t destined for a job in the sciences. After a bit of soul searching, an obvious solution presented itself. I liked sports and I liked to write, what better career to strive towards than one in sports journalism. One day the lovable Brian Kalish came into my sports writing class and I have been writing forCentral Wisconsin Sports ever since.

That’s how I got here, now a bit about who I am. I grew up in Plover Wisconsin and have lived in the Stevens Point area all 24 years of my life. I grew up with a sister who was involved in a number of sports, as was I. My childhood consisted of school, baseball, basketball, softball and volleyball tournaments, so it’s obvious where my love of sports comes from.

Along with traditional sports, I also have a black belt in Tae Kwon Do and a working knowledge of Judo, so I’m the guy you’d want with you in a street fight. Central Wisconsin Sports isn’t the only site I write for. I’m also a staff writer at where I exclusively cover and write about the best team on planet Earth, the Green Bay Packers.

Other than writing and playing sports, I enjoy grilling, reading and various other things a 24-year-old guy enjoys.

I am grateful that my luck has been as good as it’s been. I’ve had a great time covering my alma mater SPASH and I look forward to branching out and reporting on all sports in the Stevens Point area. As always, our goal is to provide the most recent, most accurate and most compelling sports coverage ever seen, and we at Central Wisconsin Sports are working our tails off to provide that to you, the people.

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